EPEA erklæring om Coronavirus

European Prison Education Association’s formand Annet Bakker (NL) udtaler i forbindelse med Coronavirus pandemien:

The Coronavirus pandemic has created extraordinary challenges for prison schools and penitentiary institutions all over the world. In many countries prison teachers (and other staff) are sent home to minimize the risk of spreading the disease in the vulnerable prison environment. Some of the prisoners are placed in quarantine.

The EPEA appeals to all prison services to look into possibilities to continue the learning process. Ensuring all necessary protective measures hopefully does not exclude the provision of study materials for prisoners, nor finding ways for teachers to communicate with prison learners.

We are convinced that education, in whatever form, is one way of maintaining normality in this difficult situation. More than ever will this be a way to keep the mind occupied other than worry about their position.

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This article was written by flf_dk