Ear Hustle

Ear Hustle er en podcast fra San Quentin Fængsel, lavet af indsatte. Man kan høre historier om dagligdagen på fængslet.

Herunder kan du hente de seneste podcast. Ear Hustle holder til på https://www.earhustlesq.com/

  • Is there such a thing as a prison uniform? Turns out, it takes two podcasts to answer that question. Nigel and Earlonne team up with Avery Trufelman from the Radiotopia pod Articles of Interest to find out why incarcerated people wear what they do, and how they make it their own. Big thanks to Guim'Mara […]
  • Over at San Quentin, a new preacher has started drawing crowds on the yard. He’s charismatic, soft-spoken, and devout. He says he’s a different man than he was when he committed the crimes that put him in prison. But how can he, or anyone else, really know? Big thanks to Guim'Mara Berry and Acting Warden […]
  • Imagine you’re an archaeologist tasked with going through someone’s garbage. What will you learn about their habits and desires, their values, and how they spend their resources? For seven days, the entire Ear Hustle team, both inside and outside San Quentin, stashed our trash, revealing some new and surprising things about each other. Big thanks […]
  • Can incarcerated women dye their hair? Do they have enough tampons and pads? What makes them happy, and how realistic is “Orange Is the New Black”? Ear Hustle listeners have questions about life inside a women’s prison, so we head to the California Institution for Women for answers. To learn more about donating books to […]
  • For years, we’ve asked incarcerated people to speculate on the difference between life inside a men’s prison and inside a women’s. Now we’re finally getting answers, thanks to a 2021 law allowing transgender, intersex, and non-binary people to transfer to prisons that match their gender identity. For some, the law has been life-changing; for others… […]
  • What’s the difference between an over-under and a lower-lower? How many pairs of underwear do you get in prison? And how long does a bar of soap last? We spend an entire episode with one San Quentin OG who schools us on the history of prison and what 46 years inside will do to a […]
  • San Quentin’s population is changing, and a lot of the old ways are dying out. But some prison OGs don’t want to let go of the past. Big thanks to Lieutenant Guim'Mara Berry and Acting Warden Oak Smith for their support of the show. Ear Hustle is a proud member of Radiotopia, from PRX. Find […]
  • When you’re incarcerated, are your dreams set outside prison walls? Or out on the prison yard? Are they a comforting space to escape to? Or a painful reminder of what you no longer have? From lucid dreams to wet dreams to dreams of freedom, we ask how incarceration changes what you see when you sleep. […]

Om San Quentin (fra Wikipedia)

San Quentin State Prison er et amerikansk fængsel og optager 1,7 km² af Point Quentin i Marin County, nord for San Francisco i CalifornienUSA. Fængslet blev åbnet i juli 1852 og er dermed Californiens ældste fængsel. Det blev bygget af fangerne, som boede på fængselsskibet Waban i den tid, fængslet blev bygget.[1] I San Quentin var der både mandlige og kvindelige indsatte frem til 1933, hvor kvindefængselet Tehachapi State Prison blev bygget.

Statens dødsdømte indsatte sidder på dødsgangen i San Quentin, ligesom fængslet huser statens eneste gaskammer. I de senere år bliver gaskammeret dog anvendt til at udføre henrettelser ved dødelig injektion.

Fængslet har sit eget postnummer, 94964, mens det omkringliggende område har 94974. Området er omgivet mod syd og øst af San Francisco Bay. Nord for fængslet løber motorvejen Interstate 580, som til øst krydser San Francisco Bay på Richmond-San Rafael Bridge.

1941, blev det første Anonyme Alkoholiker møde i et fængsel holdt i San Quentin, og 28 år senere, 24. februar 1969, spillede Johnny Cash for fangerne i San Quentin. Koncerten blev udgivet som et album og blev vist på tv (filmet af Granada Television).

2003 indspillede Metallica musikvideoen til St. Anger i San Quentin, hvor de spillede foran de begejstrede fanger.