Ear Hustle

Ear Hustle er en podcast fra San Quentin Fængsel, lavet af indsatte. Man kan høre historier om dagligdagen på fængslet.

Herunder kan du hente de seneste podcast. Ear Hustle holder til på https://www.earhustlesq.com/

  • Lieutenant Sam Robinson has been with Ear Hustle since day one. As he retires from his post as Public Information Officer at San Quentin, we pay tribute to the man behind the mic. Big thanks to Lt. Guim'Mara Berry and Warden Ron Broomfield for their support of the show. Ear Hustle is a proud member […]
  • While she was in jail awaiting her sentence, Karen was housed with a pregnant cellie on the verge of giving birth. At the time, the experience barely registered. It took us a while to understand why. This episode contains references to suicide. Listener discretion is advised. You can reach out to the Suicide and Crisis […]
  • If you have to serve prison time, Norway is the place to do it … at least that’s what we’d heard. Incarcerated people in Norway wear their own clothes, cook delicious meals from scratch, and even take short leaves to re-acclimate to society. Are Norway’s prisons all they’re cracked up to be? Ear Hustle takes […]
  • The Ear Hustle music episode returns! We catch up with some guys at San Quentin who are longing for love, and then, for the first time ever, we toss the mic to the ladies at the California Institution for Women. You can find out more about Musicambia here. Radiotopia’s fall fundraiser is here! Donate today […]
  • From 180s and 270s to “just one long-ass hallway,” different kinds of prison architecture leave different marks on the people who live there. In this episode, like the last one, we explore how architecture shapes the experience of incarceration, and how people push back to reclaim space for themselves. Learn more about the San Francisco […]
  • Prisons are built with one thing in mind: surveillance. The architecture is designed to assert control and diminish privacy. But even in these spaces, people find ways to claim just a bit of privacy. In this episode and the next, we explore how individuals adapt to prison architecture. First: carving out pockets of privacy, real […]
  • Stories from our first-ever international reporting trip! From the nightclubs of Oslo, to Norway’s first in-prison Pride parade, to an incarcerated Danish guy who wouldn’t take no for an answer: Ear Hustle goes abroad, mics on, baby. Each episode this season will feature new artwork by an incarcerated artist. You can see their illustrations on […]
  • Sam Brown spent 24 years in prison not just denying his crime, but lying about it, over and over again. Finally, he decided to come clean. Would the parole board believe him? Each episode this season will feature new artwork by an incarcerated artist. You can see their illustrations on our website. Is this your […]

Om San Quentin (fra Wikipedia)

San Quentin State Prison er et amerikansk fængsel og optager 1,7 km² af Point Quentin i Marin County, nord for San Francisco i CalifornienUSA. Fængslet blev åbnet i juli 1852 og er dermed Californiens ældste fængsel. Det blev bygget af fangerne, som boede på fængselsskibet Waban i den tid, fængslet blev bygget.[1] I San Quentin var der både mandlige og kvindelige indsatte frem til 1933, hvor kvindefængselet Tehachapi State Prison blev bygget.

Statens dødsdømte indsatte sidder på dødsgangen i San Quentin, ligesom fængslet huser statens eneste gaskammer. I de senere år bliver gaskammeret dog anvendt til at udføre henrettelser ved dødelig injektion.

Fængslet har sit eget postnummer, 94964, mens det omkringliggende område har 94974. Området er omgivet mod syd og øst af San Francisco Bay. Nord for fængslet løber motorvejen Interstate 580, som til øst krydser San Francisco Bay på Richmond-San Rafael Bridge.

1941, blev det første Anonyme Alkoholiker møde i et fængsel holdt i San Quentin, og 28 år senere, 24. februar 1969, spillede Johnny Cash for fangerne i San Quentin. Koncerten blev udgivet som et album og blev vist på tv (filmet af Granada Television).

2003 indspillede Metallica musikvideoen til St. Anger i San Quentin, hvor de spillede foran de begejstrede fanger.